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I was trained in career counseling in graduate school and have been doing it ever since.  I work with a wide variety of vocational issues, everything from students trying to pick a major to top executives who are successful but unfulfilled and unhappy.  I also work with homemakers trying to re-enter the workforce and people ready for a second act after retirement.

Career counseling is surprisingly short term.  I usually meet with the client for a session and get to know them.  Then I send them away with tests and exercises to do at home and a copy of a book I wrote about career change, Divorcing A Corporation: How To Know When And If A Career Change Is Right For You.  We get together and put the pieces of the puzzle together regarding what is the right direction to take.  The majority of career counseling clients have discovered their right direction in less than four sessions.

I have written The Career Doctor advice column for Q. Magazine, Gannett's fifteen flagship newspapers and the Larchmont Gazette.  

Career Counseling

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